NO to the violation of rights, NO to the violation of states!

The war in Europe of 21st century is inconceivable. Injury or killing of people by virtue of historical arguments cannot be accepted, it is a violation – a violation of rights. The conquest of territories that are constitutionally part of the territory of another state is a violation – a violation of sovereignty.

When diplomacy fails, there is no time to think or worry. It’s time for action.

Law professionals should speak out. We call on the legal community to protest against what is happening in Ukraine: human rights abuses. After the Second World War peace was ensured through the system of international human rights documents, but in one night they were ridiculed. And this is not acceptable. Attacking Ukraine means attacking Europe. It is an attack on all those who believe in freedom and democracy.

Civil society must defend modern values and to put pressure on politicians for action. They must adopt decisions, fainr and quickly. At the same time, the citizens of Europe must help the people of Ukraine who are being attacked by Russian forces in any way possible.

VeDem Just says NO to rape, says NO to war!